Lead Boys

Jairus was told as a child that his mother and father died in a car accident. He was raised by his Aunt and Uncle who rasied him with disrespect. After coming out of the closet, Jairus met Nathan online and moved to Hollywood to begin his new life.

Raised in Irvine, Ca. Devin moved to Los Angeles to become an actor. He soon got caught up in the gay scene making many friends in WestHollywood. Devin is against any type of drug use after witnessing the ruined lives of many friends.  

    • nathan
    • Moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota. Nathan has family problems back home where he will never return again.  While putting up a hard shell, he is a giant softy underneath it all.

  • Erik is from Indianapolis, Indiana where he studied international relations. He left college to try modeling in Los Angeles. He met Rhonda and fell in love. He gave up his modeling dreams because he doesn't like the personalities associated with it. Erik doesn't take life as seriously as does Rhonda and her friends.

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